The importance of sleep in Heart Health

Improve your health in your sleep!

One aspect of heart health which is often overlooked is the importance of a good nights sleep. A lack of good sleep can bring with it a host of issues that can lead to heart disease. While you are sleeping your blood pressure drops and allows your body to rest. However if you aren’t getting that quality sleep you put strain on your heart which in turn can raise your blood pressure. This can also impact your bodies ability to regulate your blood sugar which can lead to diabetes. These two conditions when combined put you at high risk for stroke and heart disease. Not to mention that poor sleep can lead to inflammation that can cause fatty deposits to create blockages leading to coronary artery disease. Better quality sleep will also lower stress levels and lead to better mental health Something as simple as making yourself more comfortable to sleep can improve your overall health greatly. While a good nights sleep may seem like a small thing it can have massive positive effects on your health!