PAD awareness month 

September is Peripheral Artery disease awareness month.

As summer winds down is a perfect time to reassess your wellbeing. It is an important time to focus on issues that may develop as we age. Peripheral Artery Disease is one of the conditions that increases in risk as one grows older. Estimates suggest that 15% of the global population over fifty suffers from PAD and aren’t even aware. 

PAD is a serious and often unnoticed health problem which consists of a build up of fatty deposits in the arteries. This narrows arteries and reduces blood flow to the limbs. One of the earliest signs is cramping and leg pain. 

However there are many ways to decrease your risk factors. While we cannot control aging cutting out things like smoking and managing your health can greatly increase your likelihood of not getting PAD. Increasing activity levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and continuing to monitor cholesterol and blood pressure are key factors as well. 

As always knowledge is the most important tool. If you or anyone you know seems to be displaying these symptoms please call in and make an appointment! Our team of specialists are here to assist and assess your vascular health.