Health Tips

Woman Hiking

During the summer the weather is so inviting and it is tempting to be going all day long. However the warmer weather also leads to certain medical issues. READ MORE »

Puppies in Medical Gear

Having a pet can make coming home so much more enjoyable. The excitement of seeing them at the end of the day and knowing that they are just as excited to see you. And in these summer months there’s no better feeling than taking your four-legged friend on an adventure whether it be hiking or the beach or even just a walk through the park. And while we all know that these little bundles of joy bring so much light to our lives, did you know that they also have numerous health benefits?


Heart Healthy Foods

On these hot summer days it can be tempting to reach for quick fast-food options. However, we know that the better option is a home cooked meal.


Summer heat is just around the corner. Exercising is important for a healthy lifestyle; however, in the heat, it can be dangerous.


But Your Doctor is Still Vital

The American Heart Association raves about the ECG app monitor on the Apple Watch. However, cardiologists are cautious.


It Can Even Track Your Heart Health

Technology is always expanding. One of the most exciting products on the market is the Apple Watch. Cutting-edge gadgets and apps are bringing easy healthcare monitoring to more people. Improving and maintaining health is getting easier for everyone, not just fitness monitor users. READ MORE »