Stress Test

Stress Test

A stress test can show blood flow problems within your heart through physical activity. Exercise makes your heart pump faster, revealing potential issues that may not be apparent when at rest. During a stress test, you will be stationary biking or walking or receive a drug that will make your heart mimic the effects of exercise. Blood pressure, breathing, and heart rhythm will be monitored to show abnormalities.


A doctor will recommend a stress test if coronary artery disease or heart rhythm problems are suspected. A stress test is the best way to determine a treatment plan or find out if treatment is working properly. In severe cases, a test will help finalize the timing of cardiac surgery or determine if a heart transplant is needed.


You may be asked to stop eating, drinking, and smoking for a period of time before the test. Make sure the doctor is aware of inhalers and all prescription medications you are taking. Stay away from lotions or creams and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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